hypekids Exclusive: Photographer-Turned-Designer Kathy Lo on her Unisex Kids Brand Two Bridges

“Cool clothes transcend gender.”

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Kathy Lo’s new brand Two Bridges is making a splash as one of the coolest new children’s labels to hit the market. The photographer and mother of two-year-old Sage named the line for the New York City neighborhood that border Chinatown, and the line is not only inspired by New York but made in the city as well. Keeping the brand local is just one of the ways Lo ensures she’s developing an ethical and sustainable brand, which is a growing trend in the newest brands to the childrenswear market.

Picking up on another trend in the kidswear market, Lo also markets the line as gender-neutral. The line has a practical element as well to its design, with large pockets and sturdy fabrics inspired by her love of Carhartt – though Lo is also a noted fan of more exuberant brands like Gucci.

Read on for our interview withy Lo to learn about why she developed the unisex brand, and shop pieces from Two Bridges online. And for more of the latest in kids’ fashion, be sure to check out the new London brand It’s In My Jeans.

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When did you decide to launch Two Bridges?

I started getting into childrenswear shortly after my son Sage was born, and it sparked the idea of Two Bridges.

When did you first start working in fashion?

I’ve been working in fashion for over 10 years now. When I first moved to New York, I worked for casting directors, as well as an art and fashion magazine and gallery.

Why did you want to create a unisex kids line?

I feel like cool clothes transcend gender. You see women wearing menswear and vice-versa and it should be the same for our little ones. Children should be free to play around and have fun with what they want to wear. It’s all part of self-expression. Plus, I think all babies are kind of androgynous anyway!

How do you ensure the clothes are ethically made?

I made sure to source environmentally-friendly fabrics, 100 percent natural fibers, low-impact dyeing methods, organic when possible, and most of our fabrics come from mills in Japan. The clothes are also all locally made at a manufacturer in New York City, in small batches.

two bridges new york city kids unisex label brand childrenswear clothing where to buy kathy lo interview sage photographer mom mother son

Do you still continue to work as a photographer while designing the line?

Yes, I love being busy!

How does your work as a photographer influence how you design the line?

My work has always bridged into fashion and street style, so it’s had a role in inspiring me to think about kids’ fashion, especially after I had Sage.

What are some of your favorite kids’ brands at the moment? Where do you like to shop for kids in New York?

I’m a big fan of The Animals Observatory! There are so many great kids’ brands online, which is where I do most of my shopping. I also love that it’s direct from the manufacturer to the consumer, which has shaped my approach for Two Bridges. Plus, it’s great to shop small, support small businesses!

What are some of the biggest trends you see in kidswear at the moment?

I see more classic pieces made for children that are versatile enough for everyday wear, but can also work for special occasions. I think there is a timeless theme to the many pieces that I see.

How do you think the fashion industry can become more ethical or sustainable?

The materials must be chosen carefully and that means using eco-friendly materials that don’t harm the environment. Materials must be made sustainably and used responsibly – use what is needed so excess waste isn’t created as a byproduct in the process. Recycle the fabrics, shop local and support small businesses!

Where would like to see Two Bridges in the next five years? Do you have any plans to expand the line?

I would love to continue to provide a consistent quality for the little ones.

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