Kingston and Kaui Give Us a Tour of Their Rooms

See their favorite pieces in their wardrobes from Balenciaga to BAPE.

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Ever fight with your sibling over borrowing their clothing? Not so of our favorite brother and sister duo Kingston and Kaui, who invited hypekids to take a tour of their wardrobes. The stylish siblings gave us a first hand glimpse inside their rooms, showing us their favorite toys, books and of course, clothes.

For Kaui, some of her favorite pieces include her white Balenciaga Speed Trainer and black and white même jupmsuit. Big brother Kingston meanwhile likes things a little more colorful, with some of his favorite pieces including a classic BAPE T-shirt and blue Balenciaga sweatsuit – we guess some things run in the family.

Watch the video above to learn more about Kingston and Kaui’s favorite pieces, and be sure to follow them on Instagram for more updates. And be sure to also watch our room tour with Zooey Miyoshi.

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Rosanna Peng
Kingston and Kaui

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