Meet the 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Empowering Young Girls One Doll at a Time

“Anywhere a girl needs a doll, we deliver to.”

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Zoe Terry may still be in middle school, but that hasn’t stopped her from launching a non-profit organization supporting and empowering young girls of color by sending them dolls in times of need. The 11-year-old had a hard time when she started Pre-K at Miami Country Day School in 2010, arriving to find she was the only black girl in her class: “I was bullied because of the color of my skin and because my hair was so puffy,” Terry tells Bloomberg. “But I didn’t want that to stop me,” she adds.

Not long after, Terry and her mom started the beginnings of what is now “Zoe’s Dolls,” delivering dolls of color to little girls in need. So far, the program has distributed almost 20,000 dolls to 4,000 girls in the U.S., Haiti, and Zambia. “Anywhere a girl needs a doll, we deliver to,” Terry says. “It doesn’t matter how little they are, how old they are.” Zoe’s Dolls has since expanded to include a health program, and Love Letters to Black Girls, which solicits stories, poems, and notes of encouragement from adults to send to young women of color nationwide.

To learn more, check out Zoe’s Dolls official website. In related news, have you heard there’s an American Girl Doll musical in the works?

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