Fitbit Ace Is Here to Help Kids Keep Track of Their Fitness

Now the whole family can stay fit.

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Fitbit has developed a wristband to help kids over the age of 8 to stay fit. The new Fitbit Ace is similar to the adult’s Alta model, albeit with certain features such as a calorie burn counter omitted. The kids’ bracelet will also eliminate the social media features and allow parents to monitor their child’s activity and sleeping hours. Like the adult version, the Ace sends notifications to the user to start moving or travel more stepsĀ if they’ve stayed idle for too long.

We certainly agree kids don’t need to be worried about counting calories, but we wonder how much kids need to be worried about staying fit. The bracelet may however help kids stay active and train them to begin to look after their health.

You can order a Fitbit Ace online for $99.95 USD in either purple or blue, with shipments expected to take place between April and June. For more ways to keep the whole family fit, check out BAPE’s ping pong set.

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