hypekids Exclusive: How Jacob and Cathrine Høilund Made SOMEDAY SOON a Family Affair

Kids’ clothing inspired by kids.

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We got to know Danish brand SOMEDAY SOON (i will change the world) at this year’s Pitti Bimbo and fell in love with the brand’s happy-go-lucky take on children’s streetwear. Designer Cathrine Høilund founded the brand with her husband Jacob after struggling to find fashion-forward pieces for their boys, and now just three years later the two are busy jetting around the world taking their line to various children’s trade shows.

We recently caught up with Cathrine to learn about the brand’s origins and future plans. Read on to learn about Cathrine’s favorite Instagram influencer and where they get the inspiration for their clothes.

Jacob Cathrine Høilund SOMEDAY SOON i will change the world denmark danish childrens fashion kids streetwear
When did you decide to launch a kids’ fashion line?

We launched the brand three years ago after having struggled to find cool and comfortable clothes for our oldest son. It was always easy to find pretty stuff for our daughter. For our oldest son the choices were limited. And with 10 years experience in fashion we felt the time was just right!

Did having children change your personal style or outlook on fashion?

They didnt exactly change my personal style so much as my whole world. When you become parents your whole focus shifts. Your kids become number one. But it definitely didn’t stop me from loving fashion as much as I did before. It just opened my open eyes to the world of kidswear. It was magic.

What are your kids’ personal styles like? Do they influence your design process for SOMEDAY SOON?

We have three kids – two boys and a girl. All individual and wonderful in their own way. We try not to interfere too much with what they’re wearing. Personal style should be exactly that – personal. But they absolutely influence me and sometimes my 11-year-old will introduce me to YouTube videos or Instagrammers that really open my eyes. The youth of today are so well informed and plugged in it’s scary sometimes (and makes you feel kinda old, but don’t tell anyone I said that).

Jacob Cathrine Høilund SOMEDAY SOON i will change the world denmark danish childrens fashion kids streetwear

Where did the inspiration for the recent Spring/Summer 2018 collection come from?

Last year we pulled the plug on everything for a month and a half and went traveling in the U.S. We started off in Los Angeles and then did a big tour: Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, San Fransisco, Santa Cruz, Big Sur,] and Pismo Beach before ending up back in LA. It was an amazing time together as a family and the weather, the relaxed atmosphere and all the amazing people we met on our trip kinda set the mood for the collection. So you will definitely sense a bit of West Coast surf culture in the SS18 collection.

What do you think of the current trend for gender-neutral fashion? How does SOMEDAY SOON fit into that trend?

Like I mentioned previously I feel the biggest trend in fashion at the moment is doing what feels good. Which is why I love doing a line that is gender-neutral. We design cool kidswear that any kid can rock regardless of gender. Do what makes you feel good!

What are some of the biggest trends you see in the adult streetwear market? How does that translate to kids’ clothing?

The sport-luxe trend has been racing for a few seasons now. And that obviously fits perfectly with kids’ clothing, which in my opinion should be super comfortable and cool at the same time.

Are there any other kids’ brands or products you’re loving at the moment?

Right now I’m just so in love with Giana, her style and art projects just make my heart skip a beat.

What other plans do you have for SOMEDAY SOON? Accessories? Baby clothes? Any projects for 2018 you can discuss?

We do have a very exciting collaboration coming up soon but I can’t reveal anything at all at the moment. Watch this space!

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