This Toothbrush Lets Kids Play With Augmented Reality While They Clean Their Teeth

No more excuses.

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Augmented reality is slowly seeping into every aspect of our livesv- even your child’s teeth. French toothbrush manufacturer Kolibree has developed the Magik toothbrush, which connects to a smartphone via a motion-tracking app. Now parents can monitor their child’s brushing habits on a daily basis with the app, no more standing in the bathroom while your kids brush their teeth.

Parents simply attach their smartphone to a holder which comes with the set and place it on a mirror. But the Magik toothbrush isn’t just about helping parents keep on eye on their kid’s teeth, it also hopes to make dental hygiene a little more fun for the little ones. Using augmented reality, the app displays your child in one of 15 different games, including pirates, princesses and many more characters. See the app in action in the video above, and consider if it’s something your child can benefit from. The Magik toothbrush will be made available later this year, with a pricetag under $30 USD. For more useful technology, check out Luka the reading robot.

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