Caroline Bosmans New "Official Fake" 2017 Fall/Winter Collection

A reference to copycats.

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Donny Darko meets avant grade, Caroline Bosmans passion for children’s fashion started in 2013. Playing with the boundaries between boys and girls, the brand loves graphic elements and injecting humor into its pieces. All items are non-seasonal, unisex, and built with incredible quality. For this season, Caroline Bosmans Official Fake collection includes fun faux fur patterns.

Shot by Shari Ruzzi, the lookbook displays a monochrome palette of pink and bold tiger prints, giving a very fierce appearance. We also see the use of multi-colored rainbow glitter, which has a casual, disco vibe. Girls can also enjoy other feline influences with leopard print designs and all-over black cat prints. All-black outfits are also available, suggesting a reference to black cats and panthers.

The Official Fake 2017 fall/winter collection by Caroline Bosmans will soon be released online.

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