Mariah Carey Just Turned "All I Want for Christmas Is You" Into a Movie

Watch the trailer here.

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After probably having the most popular Christmas song in history, Mariah Carey is now using her famous melody as the basis for a new movie just in time for the Holiday season.

In the trailer we follow her animated character as she recalls the story of her first true love. “Every year I put puppy on my list, but for whatever reason, Santa couldn’t get it together.” Mariah is then invited to a fashion show, but is required to bring a dog. Luckily for her, Uncle Reggie needs a dog-sitter, giving Mariah an opportunity to prove she is capable of looking after one.

Watch the trailer above and be sure to watch the whole movie when it lands on Blu-Ray and Digital on November 14. Get even more into the festive spirit by watching the trailer for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

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