A Ventura Man Set up a Video Game Space for Kids Affected by the California Wildfire

Helping those who’ve lost their homes.

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As fires continue to spread through Southern California, some local residents are already looking for ways to bring comfort to their community. That includes Ventura County resident Eric Valenzuela, whose Reddit post on the video game area he made for kids who lost their homes has gone viral.

Valenzuela set up a simple shelter with video games, computer games and board games for kids and their parents to enjoy. “I knew there were kids living there and lost everything they knew,” Valenzuela wrote on Reddit. “I couldn’t sit by thinking these kids, who had lost everything they knew, would be in a shelter with no way to distract themselves from the raging inferno so I did the first thing that came to mind.”

With Christmas around the corner it’s important to help kids learn about ways to give back to the community. Read about more ways you can help victims of the Southern California fires.

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