You Need These Wes Anderson Playing Cards For Family Game Nights

Check in again at the Grand Budapest Hotel

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Can’t decide between a family movie night and game night? The answer is simple – do both with these new Wes Anderson-inspired playing cards. Courtesy of UK publisher Belly Kids, the new cards let you revisit characters from your favorite movies like Moonrise Kingdom and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The goal of the Wes Anderson card set is to collect all the cards. One player chooses a stat like box office revenues or awards won, and the player with the card with the highest stat of that category wins all the cards from that round. But we can’t deny the most fun part of the cards might be seeing illustrations of characters like Zero and Monsieur Gustave from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Pick up a set of the Wes Anderson cards for yourself at Belly Fish. For other cool toys, don’t miss the BE@RBRICK with Billionaire Boys Club.

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