Medicom Adds Batman and the Joker to Its Lineup of BEA@RBRICKS

Why so serious?

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Medicom is known for its expansive range of BE@RBRICK models, and now the Japanese toy maker has looked to one of the most iconic duos from DC Comics for its latest inspiration. The most recent figures include Batman and his archenemy the Joker, with designs influenced by the duo’s appearance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

Donning a black cape, Batman sports a stealthy appearance complete with a gold utility belt while the Joker appears in his iconic purple suit and green hair. Medicom has made the models in a mini 100% size as well as a bigger 400% version, making them great gift ideas for your kids during the holidays.

The Medicom Batman and Joker BE@RBRICKs will be made available on December 1. For more BE@RBRICKs, check out Medicom’s collaboration with PORTER.

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