Sony Is Giving the PS4 Controller a Younger Brother

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Sony understands the trouble that comes when little siblings try to join in on video games, and now they’ll launch a controller perfect for the smallest of PS4 players. The gaming company has licensed the Mini Wired Gamepad, which was created by Japanese brand Hori. We imagine it’ll be a popular gift in all PS4 households over the holidays.

Rendered in a friendly blue, the Gamepad comes with a 10 foot cable, ensuring the controller won’t get disappear in the house. The size is also perfect for little hands, as it is 40% smaller than the Dualshock 4 and omits some of the more advanced features such as the headset jack and light bar.

Little siblings won’t have to make do with oversized controllers much longer, as the Mini Wired Gamepad will launch during the holiday season and retail for $30 USD. If you want to tone down your child’s video game time, perhaps you might consider the Art Kits from MoMA as a gift instead.

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