Medicom Turns Homer Simpson Into a BE@RBRICK


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After Bart Simpson recently morphed into Bartman courtesy of Medicom, his father Homer now joins him in BE@RBRICK form. The new Medicom figure shows The Simpsons star in his regular attire complete with his white work shirt and blue pants. Further detail can be seen with this iconic zig-zag hair and grey stubble around his mouth for a realistic look.

The model is available in the three usual BE@RBRICK sizes, including the mini 100% form and a bigger 400% model, which stands at roughly a foot tall. The largest 1000% version is also available, but might be more suitable for die-hard collectors. The smaller ones would be a perfect gift this holiday season, especially if your little one enjoys the animated series.

Medicom’s Homer Simpson BE@RBRICK is now available online with the smallest model priced at $15 USD, the medium 400% at $80 USD, and the largest model coming with a $330 USD price tag. If your child isn’t a fan of the series, then perhaps they’ll prefer the Star Wars BE@RBRICKS that recently dropped.

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