Add to Your BE@RBRICK Collection With Latest Mickey and Minnie Mouse Range

Just can’t seem to separate them.

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With plenty of BE@RBRICKS constantly being released, it can be difficult to know how to start your collection. Fortunately, Medicom has paired up with Disney for a small collection, featuring two of the most iconic cartoon characters of our time. This time, we see the inseparable duo of Mickey and Minnie Mouse appear in 400% and 1000% form.

The Mickey model includes his iconic red shorts and yellow shoes for a traditional look. Minnie, on the other hand, has been upgraded from her usual threads with a blue polka dot dress and some red shoes for a more glamorous finish. The two are happily smiling, with a cute tail painted on their rears for a unique touch. These figures are great for any parent looking to pass on their love for the famous Disney pair to their kids, or even as a cool display piece in the home.

The Medicom x Disney BE@RBRICK collection is now available online for ¥9,500 JPY (approximately $90 USD) for the smaller 400% versions and ¥45, 360 JPY (approximately $400 USD) for the much larger, 1000% versions.

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