Carry Your Things Around in These Cute Baby Milo Tote Bags From BAPE

Carry it wherever you go.

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Being a parent involves many responsibilities, one of them being your child’s official bag-carrier. But once your kids reach a certain age, it can be time for them to start shouldering some of those responsibilities. Fortuantley, BAPE has the perfect kid-friendly tote. The new bags feature the face of our favorite character Baby Milo, making them a perfect school or weekend tote.

The Baby Milo tote is available in either a sturdy canvas or a softer, nylon model. The former is rendered in white, blue or red, while the latter comes in navy, red and yellow color options. Both styles feature an inside compartment so your child can store their more valuable items away safely, and are perfectly sized for carrying your child’s lunch, stationery or any other essentials they may need.

The BAPE Baby Milo tote bags are currently available online, with the canvas version retailing for $49 USD and the nylon model for $79 USD. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you might prefer BAPE’s recently released camouflage tote bags.

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